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At C&C Brick Pavers, we offer exceptional pool patio paving services, helping to improve the visual appeal of your pool area. With 10 years' experience in the Tampa Bay area, we have helped countless residents transform their pool patio. One reason behind why we firmly believe that we are one of the best paving contractors in Tampa is because we only source quality materials. Whether it be textures, shapes, or colors, we ensure only the best materials when performing any project or service. In this, not only do we take pride in offering a wide variety of options to our customers, we know that the materials we use are built to last - and provide the added level of appeal you are looking for.

Currently, we carry a wide selection of products including, but not limited to, marble, travertine, interlocking pavers, and even clay brick. Should you have a custom project in mind, our team of custom designers work will directly with you to make that dream a reality. At the end of the day, it's our dedication and passion to create something that reflects your personal taste and style while at the same time bringing in a natural element to your living space.

We all know that a swimming pool is most certainly both a relaxing and entertaining experience, no matter the time of day. With that, why not consider enhancing your pool area with a beautiful, inviting patio? Not only are pool patios a great place for entertaining and hosting parties, they are also great for relaxing at night or having a retreat. Can you imagine resting your feet or mind on your beautiful new patio after a long day of business or work?

As your preferred Tampa paver contractor, we work to make your paving dreams a reality. When it comes to pool patios, we are the experts - and have a team of professionals that can assist with every step of the way. From design to installation, our company will prioritize your project, demonstrating our dedication to our customers. With a wide range of popular design options, our customers have the opportunity to truly design a pool patio of their dreams. Unveil the opportunities that await with C&C Brick Pavers!

  We source only the highest-quality materials, ensuring you receive the most visually appealing and durable patio.

  The team at C&C Brick Pavers has been professionally trained and educated.

  We are the most reliable and professional pool patio paving company in the Tampa Bay area - thanks to our experience and unparalleled dedication to customer service.

  C&C Brick Pavers has been transforming pool areas for well over 10 years! Unveil your private oasis with our pool patio paving services today.

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