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A successful paver installation involves several phases that must be completed in proper sequence. A recent project involved a driveway in Valrico, Florida that began on June 2nd and was completed on June 19 th . The customers chose red and charcoal-colored pavers for the driveway of ten thousand square feet. New England pavers featuring a three-piece paver combination that interlocks with each other in either a “T” pattern or a random pattern were used. In this particular project, the customer chose the random pattern. All pavers were purchased from Flagstone Pavers.

  The project began with the pouring of a cement footer with a 10-inch depth as a base for the driveway. The footer was needed to provide additional support so that the pavers did not buckle beneath the heavy weight of the customer’s SUVs and trucks.

  The next phase involved filling in the driveway with 15,000 tons of crushed concrete, which was compacted twice to promote its stability as a base for the pavers. Three groups of workers installed the pavers to fill the entire 10,000-SF driveway.

  At this point, we were ready to cut the paver sections abutting the edge of the driveway. Each one was cut precisely to deliver an exceptional fit and appearance, a skill of which we are quite proud. We believe our cuts are cleaner and more exact than those provided by other paver companies, delivering a more beautiful result.

  The driveway border was given a 3-inch cement footer, a feature other companies do not provide. At C & C Pavers, we recognize the value of spending a little more money to complete paver installations. Providing the footer for the driveway border enables the pavers to interlock more securely and stay in place longer.

The final task involves the sanding of the driveway, using mason sand, which was brushed into the paver joints so that all gaps were complecalltoy filled. The pavers were washed and a full cleanup of the project site was completed. Our customer and his wife praised our work and congratulated our ability to provide an exceptional level of satisfaction.

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